Wow!  What a crazy 1.5 years since my last post?  Is that correct?  Ok, so lets reboot this blog.  Life has been crazy so I’ll have a series of retrospective posts of all my travels the last 18 months.  I have played around with a new camera and fallen in love with its ease of use and lets me really focus on my craft.

So I first need to go clean Flickr so I have a place to start hosting all the images.  Normally I do not watermark my images and was just lectured that I should do so going forward.  I still don’t really agree with that.  I did not roam around cities looking for (hopefully) good images to only paste a terrible watermark across the space.  One thing I do like is what Ming Thein does with his images.  Will see.

Stay Tuned!!

One thought on “Reboot!

  1. If people want to steal your photos, Jason, they’ll do it. They’ll crop out the water mark, digitally try to make it disappear, etc.

    Let me make a case for NOT using watermarks. The “user experience” of watching this video is completely hosed-up for me because of the stupid watermark the guy who posted it put on there. Sure, he’s “protecting his art” or whatever. But, as a USER, I want to give him the big “F U!”

    Photographers like Trey Ratcliff do not watermark what they post online. If people like your stuff enough, PROFESSIONAL organizations will approach you about licensing your work. The non-pros will just find a way around the watermark and won’t be going after anyway.

    JMO. YMMV! Later, man!

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