About Jason

Who am I?  Just another guy with a ton of cameras and a blog.  I shoot everything from toys, classics, medium to large format, and (of course) digital.  I still love working with film and drag around a huge 4×5 just for fun.  Every spring I spend 2-4 weeks traveling to Europe to study photography and use that knowledge in  Asia, South America, and all over Europe.  I think I need to spend more time shooting in the great U.S.A. (note to self)

I don’t put most of my work online, I’ve seen it used elsewhere too often.  Happy to share some though, with avid artists.  So, I’ll pop up a few images from time to time, then pull them.  Rotate the stock as they say.

I’m active in the DFW art community and work various personal projects for gallery and competition entries.  I do love hockey and SEC football so expect to see posts on sports from time to time.  And food.



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