Seeing The Light

Lightroom 5.7 & Aperture Import

A long time ago I bought into the Apple ecosystem with the primary driver being no conflict of interest with my company’s software library. Along with that came the early years of Aperture and as a techy I like the mechanics behind the scene. Aperture had a slick way of managing projects import / export from its main library. This worked well for field work via laptop and consolidation into the main system later with easy backup across multiple volumes including external. Continue reading

When Laptops Go Thump In The Night

The Death of A Drive & Dawning of New Era

This weekend I returned from a business trip to find my Macbook Pro dying, whimpering on the desk. It suffered from two real issues:

  1. Dead battery
  2. Failing drive

The dead battery was due to treating my laptop like a desktop and rarely cycling the battery – I get this. After almost four years of intense use this is to be expected. The drive is a different story.

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Nikon V1 B&W Conversions

As I continue toying with my new Nikon V1 it is really growing on me.  If any visitors hoped over to my Flickr site you’ll notice I do a lot of black and white work.  Some of this is due to my continued use of film and yet I do convert a lot of digital to monochrome as well.  My wife, a painter, chides me because I have no real concept of a color wheel.  Because of my long history with film, I just see in shades of grey – and no, not 50 shades!

Back on point – the V1.  Even at ISO 100 luminance noise is present but as I mentioned in my first post with this camera I am not much for pixel peeping and clinically sharp images for the majority of my work.  With mono conversion the luminance pattern of the V1 translates nicely to a bit of texture and character within the images.  For now I am doing conversions in both, Adobe CS6 and Aperture and comparing outputs.  Thus far it appears I can pull a bit more micro contrast out of the images with CS6 but the differences are so subtle.

Next week I kick off a round of travel so I’m looking forward to night shots while out and about on the town.

Stay tuned!