Hugh Howey: Destroyer of Sleep

Mentioned a few times now, I do quite a bit of travel. Being a road warrior is a lonely way to spend your week. Following the 80 / 20 rule, 80% of road warriors can be described as either total fitness junkies or connoisseurs of fine wines & alternative spirited beverages. Honestly, I’m almost too old for either of those so I try to form some resemblance of balance.

Regardless, travelers are left with a mind numbing about of free time. For a variety of reasons, recently, I began reading (again) as a way to pass the time. If memory is correct I began my renaissance after purchasing a Kindle and loading The Hunger Games. Through some recommendation or searching I stumbled upon this unassuming eBook, WOOL. The reviews were good and I noted there were a number of books in the series so I dove in with the Omnibus edition, the complete WOOL series.

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