Nikon V1 B&W Conversions

As I continue toying with my new Nikon V1 it is really growing on me.  If any visitors hoped over to my Flickr site you’ll notice I do a lot of black and white work.  Some of this is due to my continued use of film and yet I do convert a lot of digital to monochrome as well.  My wife, a painter, chides me because I have no real concept of a color wheel.  Because of my long history with film, I just see in shades of grey – and no, not 50 shades!

Back on point – the V1.  Even at ISO 100 luminance noise is present but as I mentioned in my first post with this camera I am not much for pixel peeping and clinically sharp images for the majority of my work.  With mono conversion the luminance pattern of the V1 translates nicely to a bit of texture and character within the images.  For now I am doing conversions in both, Adobe CS6 and Aperture and comparing outputs.  Thus far it appears I can pull a bit more micro contrast out of the images with CS6 but the differences are so subtle.

Next week I kick off a round of travel so I’m looking forward to night shots while out and about on the town.

Stay tuned!